Tree Removal

  • Without clean-up
  • With clean-up of brush
    and wood stays
  • Clean-up and hauled away
    the brush and wood

Tree Trimming

  • Without clean-up
  • With clean-up

Stump Removal

  • Without clean-up
  • With clean-up
  • With clean-up
    and screen dirt

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Things to Consider

  1. The lowest price isn’t always the best value.
  2. When you’re hiring a tree service the customer should always ask who is the company insurance provider. Call the company and ensure they are in good standing with the company and are covered on both LIABILITY AND WORKERS COMPENSATION. Many companies will have liability, but not cover employees or subcontract without coverage.
  3. Ask how the job will be done. One company may be taking the tree down in small sections with ropes, while another plans on cutting the whole tree at once. Both can get the tree down but one may be riskier than the other.
  4. What equipment will be used? Some customers are particular about their lawn. Heavy equipment may cause some light marks in the yard. If damage is done then what is the expectation to fix the damage.
  5. What is the timeframe to get the job done? Most jobs can be completed anytime of year. If the yard is wet the tree will be climbed or wood will be placed on the ground to get the equipment into the yard. This takes more time and resources so the price will be more costly. If the job doesn’t need finished until the ground is firm the job can be completed without using as much time making it less costly.
  6. How will the tree be trimmed? This is a loaded question, but the basics of this is simple. They should look for dead, dying, diseased limbs, and crossing branches—these should always be removed. Then looking at any limbs that have openings or holes where water can sit and rot the inside of the tree. Leaves on a tree are not the best indication if the tree is healthly. Trees are trimmed from the inside out with no more than 30% of the live branches removed. This allows the light and air to pass into the center of the tree. Trimming not done correctly can have irreversible affects that can end up costing to have the tree removed. Read more on Is Topping Beneficial? below.

What Is Topping?

  1. It puts the tree into shock because of the sun exposing the bark to the sun causing sunscald. It also causes vigor, which is the growth of many new limbs.
  2. The new limbs are attached by a smaller surface area to a weak point on the limb. The end of the limb usually rots and the larger branches grow too heavy and start to break.
  3. The trees can starve from the lack of leaves in the photosynthesis process. It can also cause the roots to die and leave the tree weak from not being able to transport nutrients.
  4. Limbs are now open to disease and insects that can lead to death of the tree. Some trees will die if topped.

Disadvantages to topping

  1. It reduces the property value.
  2. The tree will likely have to be removed and another tree to replace it.
  3. The weakened branches can cause damage to structures or other property.
  4. Already topped trees will need to continue to be pruned to keep them from becoming unsafe.


The Nash family
Todd Nash is the owner and president of Yoder Tree Service.

Todd Nash, born in Wells County Indiana and grew up in Craigville, Indiana on a small farm. On the family farm his father raised cattle, swine, horses, soybeans, wheat, hay, and corn. He spent most days working the family farm tending to the hog operation which he enjoyed the daily work and responsibilities.

Todd graduated from Norwell High School in 1997. While at Norwell he participated in basketball and track. After graduation he was offered a scholarship from East Central Junior College to play basketball. He attended East Central for one year until moving home to play basketball at Manchester University. He graduated from Manchester University in 2001 with a bachelors in entrepreneur management.

After graduation he taught school at Avilla Elementary for one semester until he went to basic training for the United States Army. Upon completion of basic training he went to Fort Benning, Georgia to begin Officer Candidate School (OCS). Once commissioned as an officer in the Army he trained at Fort Knox, Kentucky as an armor officer and then scout leader. Finally, after 14 months of training he was sent to Iraq to be a platoon leader for the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. When deployed back to the United States he held many positions in the 4th Brigade 10th Mountain.

Todd and Leann are married and have two kids; Eden and Noah. After working in industrial management he transitioned and bought Yoder Tree Service. The company was formed in 1979 by Dennis Light and bought by Ed Yoder in 1984. Ed Yoder operated the business for twenty nine years, until selling to Todd Nash in 2013.

After 40 years of successful service removing and trimming trees, the business is still D. Light Services doing business as (DBA) Yoder Tree Service. Yoder Tree Service still has the simple values of safety, service and satisfaction. The business continues to have consistent growth because the goal is to fulfill the needs of the customers to, or above, expectation with service in the forefront. We believe that nothing is worth doing if it isn’t going to be done right.